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Army Hero Wallpaper by Wallery will pay homage to our heroes of war
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Were you in any of the World Wars? Or maybe in one of the wars and battles that your country has been through? Do you know someone who has been?
Army Hero Wallpaper by Wallery will pay homage to our heroes of war.
This excellent wallpaper will help you to feel that special feeling you get when you remember all those people that did something very special in a war, or those who, while doing something special, were killed in combat.
Who are these people? All those men and women that are part of the U.S. Army. Call them soldiers, call them secretaries, call them generals, or whatever you want. Those people are proud, and maybe we should all be, of being what they are.
This wallpaper is dedicated especially to what we consider “Heroes”. Men and women that exceeded their expectations and did something that is worth to be remembered and celebrated.
It will display some high quality photographs of U.S. soldiers in action. Obviously, you will not see any blood or anything like that. They are views of paratroopers jumping from an airplane and opening the parachutes and soldiers waiting on a hill (I liked the silhouette effect on this one). They are all very good shots, and you can even start feeling and imagining the life of those brave men.
This will really be a nice addition to your wallpaper collection, especially if you were there, or know someone who was there.

Fernando Soni
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